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Why Body- Pro Physical Health?

Our belief is that everyone should have the opportunity to move pain free. This notion is very much reflected in our diverse client base, in which a variety of individuals from elite athletes through to post-op knee replacement clients are regularly treated- with great success!

We firmly believe in good communication and partnerships and our assessment will be followed up with an easy to understand diagnosis and explanation to your problem.

To maintain that the best quality and consistency of your treatment occurs, you will be with one single therapist throughout your treatment.

We see ourselves as therapists that provide you with the appropriate knowledge and support of your condition and advise you through all the stages of your rehabilitation process.

We won’t just make you do exercises and wire you up to a machine. Instead all of our therapists use 'hands on' assessment and treatment techniques.  We will not just treat your symptoms. Instead, we will establish the root cause of your symptoms. 

We feel that treatment does not stop the minute you walk out our door and will provide you with an individually tailored home exercise programme and lifestyle modifications to ensure the best results to your problem.

It is our belief that by providing you with all the knowledge, support and appropriate exercises you need to properly manage your condition, you can eventually self manage and you don't have to keep coming back on a weekly basis.

Often we recommend a ‘check-up’ with some musculoskeletal conditions. This would be the equivalent of your car’s MOT or a yearly visit to the dentist!

With access to The Porchester Centre’s three floor gym and fully equipped treatment rooms, Body-Pro Physical Health provides an optimal environment for successful rehabilitation and a significant reduction in the recurrence of your condition.