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What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a form of bodywork geared toward participants in physical activity, although a person doesn’t need to be an athlete to benefit from sports massage.

Your body consists of up to 70% soft tissue. Both the rigorous movements performed during exercise and sustained postures held at work breaks this soft tissue down. Sports massage is a technique that allows us to accurately pinpoint such areas of breakdown before it becomes problematic to you. The sports massage techniques we use are predominately deep tissue based, as it’s the only true method to the re-align the broken soft tissue fibres and promote recovery. If you haven't tried a REAL deep sports tissue massage then have this treatment, it can be a little painful, BUT it’s highly likely to solve your problem and put you on the road to recovery after your first session!

Therefore, anyone who exercises or seeks to improve their general physical health and fitness can benefit from this treatment - in particular those who don’t exercise regularly, as their soft tissues are normally in a lower state of optimal function.

Sports massage is not necessarily an hour, but is specific to particular needs of the individual an often targets specific muscles / muscular groups! 

The sports massage techniques we use to achieve are listed below:

-                      Swedish Massage  

-                      Trigger point therapy

-                      Soft tissue mobilisation

-                      Lymphatic drainage

-                      Deep tissue stroking          

-                      Frictions

-                      Injury / disease education

Body-Pro therapists have extensive knowledge in sports, deep tissue and general massage. This is very much reflected in our diverse client base, in which a variety of individuals from elite athletes through to office-based work clients are regularly treated with great success.

A typical consultation will start off with a full medical case history, clinical examination and diagnosis. This will be followed up with the appropriate treatment choice; managing both the cause and the symptoms.

Body-Pro sports massage therapists predominantly use 'hands on' assessment and treatment techniques. It is therefore advisable to wear clothing such as shorts, loose tops, etc. and in most cases you will be asked to remove clothing to enable the physiotherapist to carry out the examination / treatment. 

Benefits of Sports Massage:

-                      Very diagnostic at identifying soft tissue problems before they become problematic

-                      Provides valuable information on the effects of training programmes on soft tissue conditions

-                      Reduces pain and increases flexibility

-                      Reduces incidence of neck pain and headache / migraine

-                      Facilitates the healing process and cell growth after injury

-                      Improves blood flow, lymphatic drainage and immune function

-                      Helps remove toxins and waste products

-                      Reduces post- workout recovery times

-                      Supports effective digestion and breathing

-                      Diminishes premenstrual symptoms

-                      Improves job performance and self-esteem

-                      Lowers tension and psychological stress

-                      Assists in overcoming addictions